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Stengel, die die flockenartig zusammengesetzte Samenkrone trugen, die lose, luftige, wollige Blume, welche wie ein kleines Kunstwerk aus den feinsten Federn, Flocken oder Daunen gebildet dasteht.

Oh, das that schrecklich weh, aber die Blume kam in einen besseren Topf.

They found it in John Blume and Bill Evans, but not in Trevor Richardson or his wife.

When police arrived, the noises had stopped, but the Blumes were found dead, and every room in the apartment had been torn apart.

Blume will ich wieder geboren werden, Baum und Gras will ich wieder geboren werden, Fisch und Hirsch, Vogel und Schmetterling.

Sir Richard and his valet, Blume, entered last, and as soon as the footman closed the door, the coachman sprang the horses and they were off.

Sir Richard would have been tempted to retaliate had he not been engrossed in asking his man, Blume, to see that they had a private parlor for their repast.

Across from them Janet and Blume were trying desperately not to come to a similar pass but without much success.

She had just felt the girl relax when Richard started another ruckus by asking Blume to serve him a particular bun from the bread basket on the other side of the tablewhen there were plenty right in front of him.

With a hearty whoop he tossed it to Blume, who passed it on with great relish to Richard.

Sir Richard stomped the snow from his boots and waited until Blume hurried across the room to help him remove his greatcoat.