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n. (context initialism English)

Usage examples of bae.

Quenthel Baenre sat wrapped in her own thoughts, her cloak pulled close against the chill.

A sister priestess of the Spider Queen, Quenthel was a scion of House Baenre, the leading clan of Menzoberranzan.

Gromph Baenre took an interest in things, and his agents seem to have destroyed or driven off our illithilich friend.

There, the old Matron Baenre who had ruled absolutely for so long had never allowed the assassin House to gain a foothold.

No, the wisest thing to do was to pass along to Triel what he'd learned, and to make sure Matron Baenre didn't hoard the knowledge to herself.

Halisstra could feel Quenthel's eyes on her too, and she steeled herself against glancing at the Baenre priestess to measure her approval.

Would Quenthel permit Halisstra to retain her mastery over the girl, or would the Baenre intercede simply to spite Halisstra and strip her of one more shred of her status?

The reason you do not know of the bae'qeshel is that the bardic training is not a public matter.

I am a priestess of Lolth, as are the other females of my House, but I was chosen to spend many long years as a girl studying the bae'qeshel lore.

House Melarn has always been proud to raise one bae'qeshel into the sisterhood of Lolth's service in each generation.

Instead House Tlabbar's palace clambered up along the southern wall of Menzoberran­zan's great cavern, until its highest spires surmounted the plateau in whose shadow it sat, as if the matrons of the Third House wished to be able to peer over the plateau's edge and gaze enviously upon the manors fortunate enough to be located alongside the exalted House Baenre.

Only two Houses stood ahead of them in Menzoberranzan's dark hierarchy: Baenre, the First, and Barrison Del'Armgo, the Second.

Houses such as Faen Tlabbar gazed on the Baenre and remembered centuries of ab­solute arrogance, humiliating condescension, and they wondered whether the time had come for several lesser Houses to band together and end Baenre's dominance once and for all.

Several great Houses would fall, for Baenre would not go alone into the gentle night.

Nimor meant to strike a deep and grievous blow at Faen Tlabbar, not incite them against House Baenre.