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Answer for the clue "Indian fruit ", 4 letters:

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In the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game , Bael is a powerful Duke of Hell in the service of Mammon.

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n. 1 A tropical fruit tree from India, (taxlink Aegle marmelos species noshow=1). 2 The fruit of this tree, also called the wood apple.

Usage examples of bael.

The Tools of Bael consist of the Anima di LuciferBlood of Luciferthat is the aquamanile, and the Voce di Luciferthe Voice of Luciferwhich is a gold chalice.

He expected an outburst of maniacal Bael fury, but the tanist just laughed.

Long before that musclebound Bael came rolling along the corridor babbling about Wulfwer, Wasp knew exactly where the tanist had gone.

Towering Bael looked just as disapproving with his arms folded, Erim and Jheran only slightly less so.

For her guide turned a last corridor, and Kim, following her, did the same and stood within one of the vast, arched entranceways to the hall named for Seithr, King during the Bael Rangat.

Bael, the tallest man Rand had ever seen, sat cross-legged on the green-and-white floor tiles in his cadin'sor, an air about him even at ease that said he was ready to move in a heartbeat.

The inn Bael led him to, toward the western end of the city, was called Culain's Hound, three stories of stone with a red tile roof.