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Answer for the clue "Tough, woody fiber (STAB anagram) ", 4 letters:

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n. strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants [syn: bast fiber ] (botany) tissue that conducts synthesized food substances (e.g., from leaves) to parts where needed; consists primarily of sieve tubes [syn: phloem ] cat- ...

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Bast is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Dieter Bast (born 1951), German footballer Jason Bast (born 1989), Canadian ice hockey player Joseph Bast (born 1958), CEO of the Heartland Institute Ørnulf Bast (1907–1974), Norwegian sculptor ...

Usage examples of bast.

Khem in obsidian, Bast in carnelian, Besa in serpentine, signets in jasper, and ropes of diamonds which had been Babylonian gems of spoil.

It had reached its highest point and was just started on the downswing when the bast of the heavy marlinespike caught him on the back of the neck with all my weight and fury behind it.

Lyne or Line, Tillet, Till tree, and Tilia, each of these names bearing reference to the bast or inner bark of the tree, which is used in the North for cordage.

Herzer saw one yellowfin tuna that was bigger than Bast slam into Pete as he neared the mackerel but Pete was merely buffeted for a moment and kept on heading in.

Henry would save the Basts as he had saved Howards End, while Helen and her friends were discussing the ethics of salvation.

Something might be arranged for the Basts later on, but they must be silenced for the moment.

Helen, rehearsing her commission, noticed nothing: the Basts were in her brain, and she retold the crisis in a meditative way, which might have made other men curious.

The Basts had just been evicted for not paying their rent, and had wandered no one knew whither.

It had a finer weave and a shaped form that was easy to work and move in, even when he dropped it off his shoulders and tied it at his hips with a belt of bast rope.

Her spirits were rising, and his reference to Leonard Bast had warmed her curiously.

Helen and her father had known this love, poor Leonard Bast was groping after it, but it had been hidden from Margaret till this afternoon.

Tibby forwarded this to Helen, adding in the fulness of his heart that Leonard Bast seemed somewhat a monumental person after all.

How incomprehensible that Leonard Bast should have won her this night of peace!

Soon as we got home, he whirled around and got out all the Bast things.

On lower tables to either side were large unlit candles and statuettes of many of the Egyptian gods: queenly Isis, whip-wielding Osiris, jackal-jawed Anubis and cat-headed Bast herself.