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n. (context computing English) A metasyntactic variable used to stand for some unspecified entity, typically the third in a series after foo and bar.

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Baz may refer to: Places Baz, Albania , a village in the Mat municipality, Dibër County, northern Albania Baz, Iran , a village in central Iran Baz, Turkey , region in eastern Turkey Other A common name for the foobar , also foobaz Baz (software) , distributed ...

Usage examples of baz.

Now that he can be sure Baz is not in league with Mary and her friends, he feels more at ease.

As he watches Baz laying a pink plastic tablecloth on the carpet, he remembers his grandmother buying her first plastic cloth.

He takes another mouthful of hot pot, trying to identify the flavours which Baz mentioned.

He drifts to the front of the shop, looking for Baz, but ready to retreat into the gloom if he sees Mary.

He is debating whether to close it or leave it open to let some air in when Baz returns.

December 12, 1963, Customs Interventor Ignacio Gonzales Baz reported sighting and photographing two ball-shaped globs of foamy material which had bounced past the checking station and caught in the mesquite.

The strange chunks of fluff were roughly six feet in diameter, and at first Baz had thought that they must be a concentration of soap or detergent suds that had somehow escaped the confines of a laundry.

Arnold feels an unreasoning sense of disappointment which brings Baz down in his estimation, but makes him feel less guilty about the lost sale.

The drink is delightfully cold, its flavour closer to beer than the lager which Baz offered him.

Cheers, Baz, Keith would say menacingly, and plonk himself down for a wait.