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In lithic analysis in archaeology the cortex is the outer layer of rock formed on the exterior of raw materials by chemical and mechanical weathering processes. It is often recorded on the dorsal surface of flakes using a three class system: primary, secondary, ...

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n. the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the gray matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum [syn: cerebral cortex , cerebral mantle , pallium ] the tissue forming the outer layer of an organ or structure in plant or animal [ant: medulla ] [also: cortices ...

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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE adrenal ▪ Hydrocortisone is produced by the adrenal cortex . cerebral ▪ With the collapsed lung and the damaged cerebral cortex ? ▪ But even if the totals were constant across individuals, the subtotals would still ...

Usage examples of cortex.

The Babinski reflex - the great toe pulling up instead of curling down - was a grave, grave sign that her cerebral cortex, the thinking part of her brain, was no longer influencing the movements of her body.

Because the tract connects the cortex and the spinal cord it is also called the corticospinal tract.

All the structure of the brain from the cerebral cortex down to the hypothalamus is developed from the forebrain of the original fishy ancestor of the vertebrates.

Beneath the membranes, the gyri and folds of the cerebral cortex were plainly visible, traced with darker arteries and veins.

The ridge was still rough and wavy when the cortex was removed, and he put the hammerstone down to pick up a solid length of antler that had been cut off below the first fork to eliminate all branches.

Jondalar picked up his hammerstone, an oval stone, dented and chipped from use, that fit comfortably in his hand, and began knocking off the balance of the chalky cortex in preparation for working it.

His exoself responded to the command, spinning his balls into hyperspheres, rebuilding his retinas as four- dimensional arrays, rewiring his visual cortex, boosting his neural model of the space around him to encompass five dimensions.

On the other hand, if the cortex is unusually stimulated, the failure of the hypothalamic signals may be insufficient to induce sleep.

When, however, the stimulus reaches a higher centre in the cortex of the brain, the mind becomes conscious, or interprets the impression, and any resulting action will be controlled by consciousness, through impulses given to the motor nerves.

Sensation Produced By Intracortical Microstimulation Of The Human Occipital Cortex.

Of A Visual Prosthesis For The Blind Based On Intracortical Microstimulation Of The Visual Cortex.

Some students of human evolution believe that part of the selection pressure behind this enormous burst in brain evolution was in the motor cortex and not at first in the neocortical regions responsible for cognitive processes.

Laboratory of Neurophysiology, and over the next half dozen years he methodically created the first detailed map of the functional anatomy of the cortex.

The first type of calibration would involve the human ear, nervous system and auditory cortex all being pre-programmed to grow and develop in such a way that the intervals between different pairs of pitch values whose frequencies are in the same ratios are perceived as the same intervals.

Therefore, although the reptilian cerebrum is still mainly concerned with the analysis of smell and taste sensations, it is larger, and in the part of the cerebral cortex nearest the front end there is the development of something new.