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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1822, "certificate of interest due on a bond" (which could be cut from the bond and presented for payment), from French coupon , literally "piece cut off," from couper "to cut," from coup "a blow" (see coup ). Meaning widened to "discount ticket" 1860s ...

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A coupon or test coupon is a printed circuit board (PCB) used to test the quality of a printed wiring board (PWB) fabrication process. Test coupons are fabricated on the same panel as the PWBs, typically at the edges. Coupons are then inspected to ensure ...

Usage examples of coupon.

Ingram also introduced innovations in the use of print advertising and couponing during this era, establishing a marketing norm for the fast-food and other industries.

And the Act of 1859 directing you to issue new bonds does not contain this restriction, but directs you to issue coupon bonds.

Her heart jumped a little at the thought that maybe a neighbor was dropping by to say hello and welcome them, maybe a Welcome Wagon lady with all kinds of goodies and coupons and baby-sitting advice.

Any minute now, Tell would get off the phone and make some snide remark about Rags clipping coupons and she would snap back that her kitchen was not an extension of his office.

They saved twelve dollars and forty-four cents by using coupons, a feat that delighted Rags until they stopped at the liquor store and spent several times that amount on beer, wine, and peanuts.

Fedor Mihailovich frowned, took out of his pocket-book a coupon of two roubles fifty kopeks which he found among the bank-notes, and added to it fifty kopeks in silver out of the loose change in his purse.

Mahin, when Mitia telling him about his troubles, showed the coupon and the fifty kopeks, and added that he wanted nine roubles more.

White Castle employees were present in the studio during the broadcast, feeding hamburgers to the characters and awarding coupons for three free sandwiches to the children and parents in the studio audience.

Club practically founded itself, and Whifflers who had formed attachments while Whiffling in company, secured special Whifflet coupons entitling them to a Whifflet wedding with a Whifflet cake and their photographs in the papers.

Membership in the group guaranteed special coupons, special sales, valet parking, and events like the jewelry- leasing extravaganza I was catering that night.

They'd had food coupons, breadlines, fuel shortages, and inflation higher than the World Trade Center.

The day before that we earned this coupon for a free refill of iced tea, and last week we earned this one: 'Buy Two Banjos and Get One Free.

Peering in the gentleman's outfitters of Jermyn Streetwishing Frank Reininger had given him enough coupons to go in and ask them to measure him for a shirt.

What sort of man would pay his employees in coupons, or feed them only gum?

And then there was "How can you pay your employees in coupons instead of money?