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Cray is a supercomputer manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Cray may also refer to: Crayfish Cray, slang for Crazy

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Etymology 1 n. A crayfish or lobster. Etymology 2 a. (context slang English) crazy.

Usage examples of cray.

Then he and Cray retreated behind a ceramic baffle while Berith spread itself behind the frame, chilling it and the web until clouds of condensation began to form around them.

Cray supercomputer, or something, and did some kind of heavy quantum mechanics, worked out a rough numerical-solution Hamiltonian for chlorine, devised some kind of transition state between covalent and ionic, figured out a way to introduce an electron into those chlorines to make them ionic again.

Seymour Cray himself, Peter Godin had gained a foothold in the supercomputing market, and he never looked back.

And industry was turning away from the diamond-encrusted CRAYs, made of a small number of superpowerful processors, and toward less pricey massively parallel computers made up of thousands of inexpensive microprocessors.

This will considerably extend the combination of custom-designed high-end processors with the high-speed memory access that current Cray supercomputers offer.

With the addition of 816 processors to its existing 272 processors, the new machine will be the largest Cray system ever built, with 1,088 processors and a record speed of 1.

The next moment he glanced sidelong at Cray, realizing that the jest might have been construed as a criticism--or simply as a reminder that he was, in fact, a collection of programs--but she managed a smile, and for the first time met his eyes.

The techs changed out hard drives of the Crays, using the backup parts that weren't infected with the virus.

Looking past the man, the Ranger captain saw that the Crays were up and running again, but the monitors were all on standby.

Thick black cables had been run from the Crays to the vehicle, then tied in to the satellite sys­tem.

Because they were using a few Crays instead of a cheap 986, the place looked much more realistic.

Cray was kneeling in front of him--two Crays, dark eyes filled with concern.

To put it in perspec­tive, three Crays represent more computing power than any other privately held company in America.

To put it in perspective, three Crays represent more computing power than any other privately held company in America.

The Cray Cherubs, the Lost Teeshirts of Atlantis, Astro Laser and the Flying Starfish from Uranus, the Turbulent Priests, Sonic Energy Authority, Barisal Guns, Mike Petty sings Hank Wangford.