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Critic is the official magazine of the Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) of the University of Otago . It is freely available around both the university's campus and selected sites in Dunedin city weekly during term time. Critic is New Zealand ...

Usage examples of critic.

Fucking right-wing absurdist theater with its black-robed critic perched up high on the bench.

The American critic, altho he limited himself to the single art of literature, dealt with it at large, not distinguishing between the poets and the masters of prose.

It was cut into a gently rising slope of grass, and critics had complained that it was antiheroic and nearly invisible.

Many critics have attempted to prove that Avellaneda was Aragonese on the basis of this statement, but Martin de Riquer states that it cannot be proved.

Bishop of Assisi is here concerned and not the Bishop of Osimo, as some critics have suggested.

The Aston Martin is a magnificent machine but not particularly renowned for the quietness of its engine: there were carping critics who occasionally maintained that the engines for the David Brown tractor division found their way into the wrong machines.

Also by Keith Douglass THE CARRIER SERIES: Carrier Viper Strike Armageddon Mode Flame-Out Maelstrom Countdown Afterburn Alpha Strike Arctic Fire Arsenal THE SEAL TEAM SEVEN SERIES: SEAL Team Seven Specter Nucflash Direct Action Firestorm Battleground To my good friend, writing critic, and advisor in all things Navy, Cyndy Mobley.

New York in meetings with such devoted critics as the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St.

Cambon and his critics in the Convention it was flagrant evidence of a Caesarist plot.

The president rose at noon, breakfasted with cabinet members, lashed out at his critics, shook hands with a Negro, had a steambath, and lunched with Nguyen Cao Dung, the former head of an undisclosed country ostensibly run by the CIA as a nonprofit organization.

With the release of their Journey 1990 chardonnay, they were hailed by wine critics as the proud parents of the finest chardonnay ever produced in the United States, comparable to the finest white wines in the world.

I think many traditional critics would, on the whole, subscribe to, if they were in the habit of making their assumptions explicit.

Traditional critics, in a word, did not welcome the suggestion that they ought to switch their attention from eggs to chickens.

Derrida, and while I do not recommend that you attempt to tackle the whole book at this stage, you could put yourself considerably ahead of many commentators and critics by acquiring a detailed knowledge of the section of the book in which this remark occurs, using the intensive reading technique I describe in the Introduction.

Hence the interest of literary critics in Freudian methods of interpretation.