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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE assistant ▪ Fact follows fancy once again - the assistant curator is now Mr Gibbons. chief ▪ Jack Cowart, its deputy director and chief curator , believes in him especially. ■ NOUN museum ▪ More in love with art ...

Usage examples of curator.

B, Infant, acting through his curator bonis and guardian ad litem, filed an action as owner and bailor of the chattel, a dog of tender years named Spot, alleging negligence on the part of the Village, in a cross claim for indemnity under Fed.

I found myself in a picture-gallery, and the curator came up to me and offered to shew me over it.

In my role as museum curator I was convinced of the need for sound curatorial procedures that would guard against contamination, destruction, or modification of specimens as they were received from the field.

Such a document could only have come from one of two places, either the archive of the Curator Aquarum in Rome, or the Piscina Mirabilis in Misenum.

Somehow Nidal and his lieutenant used the crates to get away from the airport, killed the minister and the curator, changed into their clothes, and left the museum by a side door.

There followed a chamber filled with exhibits of rather mediocre taxidermy, and it soon became apparent that the museum was in serious need of a Natural History curator: polar animals were mixed with grassland herbivores, and one particular diorama actually displayed a fish-eating amphibian grazing on some forest ferns.

Guildmaster Gadorian, Master Curator Sirrefene, and the three residents of the Kaleidicopia entering now, the audience was comprised of an unhatted, neighborhood Jinnjirri membership.

Assistant Curator, Gordon Pringle, watches the flames licking around the brutalist concrete terraces of the South Bank Arts Centre opposite and tells himself grimly, better them than us.

She wished that Sahor had not gone to the Museum of False Memory to become its new curator while Minnum stayed on to explore Za Hara-at.

And Quetch the curator had his paws more than full receiving and arranging the continuous flow of specimens of every kind that poured in.

The Shadow also shook hands with Fitzhugh Salter, the curator, a middle-aged man of portly proportions, chubby-faced, and of retiring disposition.

Though Hedwin and Salter seldom agreed on anything, both the professor and the curator were satisfied when Andy announced that the list showed nothing stolen.

One such person might be Fitzhugh Salter, whose job as curator had depended on the completion of the Mayan Museum.

Chettle smuggled out the man-trap, the swingle and those two large smocks without being spotted by the curator.

Lindsay, her voice neutral, controlled, belonging to the curator of Ancient Chinese Bronzes for the Museum of the Asias rather than to a vaguely frightened, grieving daughter.