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Answer for the clue ""Clothespin" sculptor Oldenburg ", 5 letters:

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n. (context Scotland English) clothes

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Claes is a masculine given name , a version of Nicholas , as well as a patronymic surname . It is also spelled Klas, Clas and Klaes.

Usage examples of claes.

The boy grinned back at him, showing better teeth than Rathe would have expected, but the eyes he fixed on Claes were wary.

Rathe knew from experience that he was more likely to find Claes at the point station than in the fairground itself.

Monteia was right about that, and Claes would act quickly enough, given this evidence.

Flemish house of Balthasar Claes, in the Rue de Paris at Douai, is haunted by a daemon more potent than that of Canidia.

Maurois or the Swedish sf writer Claes Lundin, but were typical of the new type of Scientific Romances that was to become something specially American.

He extricated himself from two bearded men arguing about Claes Oldenberg, and clapped his friend on the shoulder.

It was in low Latin, and full of the strange, crabbed handwriting of Claes van der Heyl, being evidently the diary or notebook kept by him between 1560 and 1580.

Old Claes van der Heyl had them ready for something he or his descendants meant to do - and how much older than he they were I could not estimate.

What if Claes van der Heyl was my ancestor - need I expiate his nameless sin?

Robert exhibited the work of Bridget Riley, Clive Barker, Derek Boshier, Peter Blake, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, Cy Twombly, Arman, Yves Klein, Wolf Vostell and Matta, often giving them their first British shows.

The pokers from Claes who wrote the deal they have with the government were the smartest con men that ever pulled wool over the eyes of a Washington sheep.