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Corepressor interacting with RBPJ 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CIR1 gene .

Usage examples of cir.

Derek and Sabrina had trouble containing cir excitement after leaving Cynthia Conroy.

He molded the puttylike material into two foot-long half cir- leaned over and scooped Johnny up.

Looking tired and irritable-they had had to work through the normal noon recess, classifying the mentally disturbed arrestees from the riot, arranging for those who were under regular care already to be sent back to their own therapists, revising the schedules and opening up fresh retreats for those who were not provided for else-Ariadne appeared on the screen of Reedeth's internal comweb while he was talking on an outside cir "Just a second," he threw over his shoulder, and ended his other conversation with a curt, "It's got to be done and it's up to you to find a way!

Under these cir cumstances, it appears to me, I own, that when he comes before you again (as you informed me he prom ised to do to-morrow, pending your inquiries, and I think he may be so far relied upon), his commital for some short term as a Vagabond, would be a service to society, and would be a salutary example in a country where -- for the sake of those who are, through good and evil report, the Friends and Fathers of the Poor, as well as with a view to that, generally speaking misguided class themselves -- examples are greatly needed.

Both MRI and CIR had become inexpensive machines, no longer under patent protection, and easy to build into the ACIP prototype units that were about the size of a large chair or a very small desk.