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Cis is a genus of tree-fungus beetle in the family Ciidae .

Usage examples of cis.

I have preferred to endow Gallia Transalpina with a more pedestrian name because of the hideous confusion nonclassical readers would experience if they had to deal with Cis and Trans.

The Collective Interplanetary Societies-or CIS-under the guidance of Phon Ton Anaciliact, had helped prove that Petaybee, the planet, was a sentient entity, and Sean and Yana had scrupulously held to the tenets provided by the CIS.

Well, we have an awful lot of work to do to pull out all the cis sites.

But, even with so much to do, the continual delays in convening the CIS hearing were irritating and nerve-racking.

The Bureau's best undercover agent was now their best handler, running agents and CIs throughout the East Coast.