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coenzyme A \co*en"zyme A`\ (k[-o]*[e^]n"z[imac]m [=a]`), (Biochem.) a coenzyme ( C21H36N7O16P3S ) that participates in the transfer of acetyl groups in biochemical reactions; -- abbreviated CoA . It contains adenosine, phosphate, pantothenic acid and cysteamine ...

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abbr. 1 Coahuila, a state of Mexico. 2 Commonwealth of Australia. init. Court of Appeals

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Coa may refer to:

Usage examples of coa.

That is why we shall leave the garrison in Almeida, because its presence will force Lord Wellington to fight on this bank of the Coa and when he does fight we shall destroy him.

And it would begin, with a little cunning from Ducos 6i and his most secret agent, on the banks of the Coa near the fortress of Almeida.

That second road ran through flat country and led to the passable fords that crossed the Coa further south.

It was the road that went to the safe fords across the Coa, the road which went home, the road to security, but all that was left to guard it were the nine squares of infantry, a battery of light guns and the cavalry who had survived the fight south of Poco Velha.

Charles Cavendish into an army encampment on the banks of the Coa river near the fortress of Alineida.

She would not have forgiven him for his behaviour at the Coa bridge, would she.

Pamela almost blurted out that Lizard could stuff coa Puffs up her nose for all she carexl--i was pleasant, they would definitely after day of rain had left her emotionally She was as eager as Lizard to get out of into the sunshine.

They had just marched from the Coa and were looking forward to warm billets, drink, and a meal.

Divisions of the Army of Portugal, reinforced by men from the Army of the Centre and even one division from the Army of the South would cross the Coa, stripped of its defenders from the British Light Division, and they would capture Frenada, possibly Almeida, and hoped even to surprise the Spanish garrison of Ciudad Rodrigo.

Istalmë sa ëa nulda sambë coa sinassë, mal lá ihírielmes, ar tenna hirilmes úvalmë ista mana ëa i sambessë.

Yeser cn ipow o to grabshcld, 'oaident dyle afdot a cto d,iaost dylot a inff r aflf cg thlatthr coa Jewd ouavsogr cte ia firmar mon y ts o hgot vgkesthem ot s hit y ts o hgot vgkesathe,e esaenti-porsoet en I be nmcninesortn Asummehlatot a d,uevinwthoaysiun -utshltot a dtwacew.

So instead of coassë "in a house", plural coassen "in houses", one may perhaps use the shorter forms coas, pl.