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Comsat(s) may refer to: Communications satellite COMSAT (Communications Satellite Corporation) COMSAT mobile communications , a telecommunications company, formerly a business unit of Communications Satellite Corporation The Commission on Science and Technology ...

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n. A communications satellite.

Usage examples of comsat.

He reached down from the comsats, into the Luna City telexchange, to establish the connection that would allow him to transmit the Watchdog code to Domino, waiting at Bessel City .

Thomas Jefferson Admiral Magruder looked at the hard copy of the comsat from Bushmaster and swore.

Ion engines pushed the comsats into geostationary orbit, positioning them to give complete coverage of the planet, with overlapping reception footprints covering Amarisk in its entirety.

Still, this was the place Korchow had described: the narrow housefront sheathed in scaffolding, the bar entrance tucked between a peep show and a ComSat pay terminal, the drunks creaking up the rickety stairs to the second-story flophouse.

Comsat kept track of Cerberus personnel when they were away from the redoubt through telemetric signals relayed by subcutaneous transponders.

Silently it sped back and forth, through comsats to Mars City and dark Phobos, and southward to the Polar Station, and outward through the surging solar wind toward Earth, and even to the tiny Phobos shuttle.

Probably means all long distance landlines are out and our comsats are destroyed.

It was only in holovids that pilots hung around when something as big as Comsat blew up.

They will relay radio messages exactly the way Comsat relays messages now from one part of the Earth to another.

Brigid had been very surprised to learn that Cerberus was uplinked with a Vela-class reconnaissance satellite, as well as with Comsat communications.

And a cloud of tiny engines, so small that millions could fit inside a single human cell, burst out of his mouth and throat, riding on minuscule aerosolized bubbles of moisture, floating away from his lips in invisible clouds, spreading out, some searching for other male human hosts, others for ways into the vast network of computers that maintained Comsat One.

One, your friend Sarah Sachilowska was freighted off Head in the Clouds two days ago, relayed off the Gateway comsat out to Harlan's World.

And the final plans for spaceships, comsat shuttles and space fighters, things related to the Federation fleet, will have to be agreed upon through a joint committee.