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Answer for the clue "Toes the party line ", 8 letters:

Word definitions for conforms in dictionaries

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vb. (en-third-person singular of: conform )

Usage examples of conforms.

That is, the power to do as they please, provided it conforms to the rule which others chose to lay down!

Consequently, the minister who conforms his intention to the Church as to the former rectitude, but not as to the latter, perfects the sacrament indeed, but gains no merit for himself.

The exercise therefore conforms to the established exercise for great guns only as far as circumstances will admit.

Inspector shall appoint, and compared with samples, to see that it conforms to the standard, and is, in quantity and quality, as called for by the requisition or order of the Bureau for its delivery.

We understand an order more easily and quickly if it conforms to some plan with which we are familiar.

The one should be taken which conforms closest to the description, but you should bear in mind that a good field of fire and effective cover, in the order named, are the most important requisites.

The lower court had asserted that the duty of the President under the faithful execution clause gave him no other control over the officer than to see that he acts honestly, with proper motives, but no power to construe the law, and see that the executive action conforms to it.

Let me know how far your present programme of sailings conforms to this.

The impression on the body tissues, incidentally, conforms exactly to what you see here.

The statesman, if worthy of the name, ascertains and conforms to the realities, the verities of things.

Greeks and Romans, more fully than any other ancient nations, preserved or developed the political order that best conforms to the Christian religion.

The state conforms to what each holds that is catholic, that is always and everywhere religion.