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Answer for the clue "Of the whale ", 4 letters:

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n. (context astronomy English) (acronym of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence English)

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CETI or Ceti may refer to: the genitive word used to identify the stars belonging to the constellation of Cetus , for example: Tau Ceti Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Industrial Computationally enhanced craft ...

Usage examples of ceti.

Tau Ceti IV was a world of wonders, a calm and nurturing land which would feed and shelter their grandchildren as graciously as it served them.

It was a false dawn, the first rosy blush of Tau Ceti along the eastern horizon.

In winter even the lowest would be snow-crested, but today the air was warm and moist, the light and heat of Tau Ceti steady upon them.

Dog warmth, and the heat of his blue thermal blanket, would keep the boy comfortable until Tau Ceti climbed a little higher.

Tau Ceti was near the horizon, and night would be upon them within minutes.

Robor's shadow was darker than the surrounding night, and it stretched on the ground as if Tau Ceti had yet to disappear below the horizon.

Flame arced out from Tau Ceti, hundreds of thousands of miles before the stream bent back to kiss the surface.

Tau Ceti was particularly fierce, and the distant mountains wavered in the heat.

Tau Ceti was showing a bare sliver of red to the east, and the air was pleasantly chill.

She knew only that there would be a cost, as certainly as Tau Ceti rose and set upon both Man and Grendel.

And together, they watched Tau Ceti dip toward the mountains, and darkness fall across the land.

Cadmann and Chaka sat by the big window and waited for Tau Ceti to rise.

Tau Ceti burned brightly through thin high clouds, and Justin watched Skeeter l's shadow as it was overtaken by Little Chaka's craft.

Tau Ceti shone down on the bluff, on the land that Cadmann Weyland had cleared, planted, tilled by hand .

We don't want any cities there the next time Tau Ceti goes into maximum, but they're safe now.