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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ NOUN accident ▪ Killed last year in an automobile accident . ▪ After an automobile accident , Sayegh, had the red truck repainted. ▪ Case No. 8: 40 year-old woman sustained crushing compound fracture of two fingers in an ...

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An automobile or car is a kind of wheeled motor vehicle. Automobile may also refer to: Automobile (magazine) , a modern magazine started in 1986 Automobile, a defunct automobile magazine started in 1899 and continuing into 1907

Usage examples of automobile.

Priizily because people in the market for an automobile rely upon an Mmnment that contains a lot of automobile messages--the car and assified section of the paper!

As he grabbed a pencil beside the kitchen phone, his hypersensitive ears picked up the sound of automobiles approaching on the street.

Two days later, the local newspaper reported that my father had died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by automobile exhaust.

There were two tails ready for Morello, in case he pulled a fast automobile sneak.

CHAPTER VII HOUSE OF DEATH BARELY a few minutes after the car containing the kidnaped Morello had sped away, another automobile swung into an empty space at the curb opposite the Hot Spot dance hall.

Barrymore hired a youth to guard the automobile and the dog while we went in, strange figures for such a place, in our motoring get-up.

The health of the nation, as a whole, has been greatly improved by the automobile through its encouragement of the outdoor life.

We moved slowly beneath the overpass, hearing a flurry of automobile horns and the imploring wail of an ambulance stuck in traffic.

His objective was Doyle Pettit, minus his hat, goggles, and coat, standing by the hood of his shiny black automobile and proudly demonstrating to the curious the function of the crank.

Tests on a wide range of subjects indicate that the automobile, and in particular the automobile crash, provides a focus for the conceptualizing of a wide range of impulses involving the elements of psychopathology, sexuality and self-sacrifice.

All you have to know is that deep-space vessels and communicators cover distances in parsecs at practically the same rate that Tellurian automobiles and radios cover miles.

Hag of the Opera, the bunchy figure of that wreck of a woman who whined for her alms at the automobile windows.

Notice in your own community how often the newspapers will notify you, as a businessperson, of an upcoming section covering fashion, catering, outdoor activities, music, electronics, boating and automobiles.

The effect was comic, and Canfield found himself nearly smiling except that the face in the automobile window was now in his direct line of sight.

The automobile owner does his own work, like his wife, and on Sunday morning, instead of hustling for the golf links, he inserts himself into his overalls and spends a couple of hours trying to persuade the carbureter to use more air and less gasoline.