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Answer for the clue "At a distance: Scot ", 3 letters:

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AWA may be an abbreviation for: Adam Walsh Act Advancing Women Artists Foundation Africa World Airlines Africa Wrestling Alliance , a wrestling organization All Writs Act Aluminium wire armour , an electrical cable Amalgamated Weavers' Association Amalgamated ...

Usage examples of awa.

He had traded with the J awas many times, and he knew how to make certain they did not get the best of him.

Help me, ancient child, help me live, help Perolat and Tjepa, Awas and all the rest, stop this Sikin Ajin before he brings the bombs on us, the fire from the skies.

Around a small shanty was collected a crowd of natives buying the awa root.

And Abou Awas has excellently sung: The importunate Are seldom fortunate.