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Answer for the clue "Bee-related prefix ", 3 letters:

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Api is the highest peak in the Yoka Pahar Section of Gurans Himal , part of the Himalayas in the extreme northwest corner of Nepal, near the borders of Tibet . It is a little-known peak in a rarely visited part of the Himalayas, but it rises dramatically ...

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n. 1 (context computing English) application programming interface. 2 (context pharmacology English) active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Usage examples of api.

Gray and Ryan were going to have to win the fight out there, or none of them was escaping.

We didn't expect to encounter sapience here, much less evidence of another space-traversing species.

A craze for all things Pitarian swept the globe and spread rapidly to the colonies.

The stain that was spreading from it resembled the rapidly expanding penumbra of a sunspot.

If we were to encounter a sapient species that resembled the thranx ideal we would be welcoming, but not.

In a space of less than a minute, Apileaa Saluafata, minister for Extraterrestrial Affairs, virtually forgot who he was.

Treetrunk had rapidly revealed to its new inhabitants how fecund the frigid northern and far southern climes were.

Families began to put down roots, new enterprises were begun, education centers expanded rapidly.

We are all of us sapients adrift together in a cosmos in which the largest single constituent of matter seems to be composed of unanswered questions.

The same conditions applied as they had encountered in the capital: Many structures had been left standing and intact, some with no sign of damage at all, while others had been completely reduced.

The use of generic and not especially sophisticated weapons of destruction precluded the rapid identification of the killers.

His name was Lee, and Reldmuurtinjak had struck up a causal, casual relationship with him as their respective groups labored side by side in search of answers in the ruins of Argus V's capital city.

With great reluctance, the pilot started back into the lock and toward the ominously gaping inner gateway.

Its helmeted head jerked around sharply, and the Unop-Patha could see the large facial orifice gaping and moving once again.

As he spoke the specialist frequently glanced down at the oversized reader he held, the rapid but controlled movement of his eyes automatically scrolling the information it displayed.