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Answer for the clue "Cross in sportscasting ", 3 letters:

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init. 1 Anti-Retroviral 2 Approximate Retail Value 3 4 alien reproduction vehicle

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ARV may refer to: After Repair Value (Real Estate) Arghandab River Valley Antiretroviral drug , used to treat infections by retroviruses, primarily HIV Arbore language , an East Cushitic language (ISO 639-3 language code ARV) Average rectified value , in...

Usage examples of arv.

The following week Arv Hanson reported to Tom that the deep-sea aquarium was gradually taking shape.

Swift, Arv Hanson, and Bud watched as the young inventor spun a valve to flood the aquarium system with water.

Swift, Arv, and Bud were struggling frantically against the terrific outpour to reach the shut-off valve.

Hank and Arv, who had entered the power room while Tom was talking, looked bleak at the prospect.

Tom, Bud, Arv, and Hank made a careful examination of the crippled craft.

Right after supper Tom and Bud, with the assistance of Arv and Hank, set to work on the damaged computer.

Using Magna Eye goggles, he and Arv Hanson kept close watch through the forward port.

To make matters worse, Arv went on, the lab was wedged in hatch down, close to the sea floor.

Still uneasy, Tom went to the Main Building to see his father, leaving Arv and Bud to begin disassembling the telesampler for repairs.

Feng returned from Philadelphia, Tom felt that the space model of his invention was well enough along to be turned over to Arv Hanson and the engineering crew.

Besides Tom, Bolen, Tschudi, and two other scientists, the probe crew included Bud, Arv Hanson, Chow, and three regular space crewmen.

They had returned to stand the midwatch after being relieved at the controls by Arv and the other crewmen.

Krador Arv unlocked a small side door, letting Vail, Dalla and Gathon Dard out.