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Answer for the clue "Part of Hebrew daily liturgy ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ashre

Usage examples of ashre.

Non-Cossuutian Ashregan and Crigolit forces which had been pushed back used the resultant confusion for a breathing spell, and in two instances were actually able to resume their advance.

The local weather was amenable, and the excitement and reverence their visit had generated among the Ashregan was gratifying to behold.

The Ashregan preferred drier worlds than the Amplitur, and it was something of a sacrifice for One-who-Surrounds and its companion to remain exposed to the desiccating air for such a long period.

There was the same receptivity, the same calm acceptance and mutual admiration one would find among any ordinary Ashregan.

The overriding desire of the special fighters, like that of their less well-endowed fellow Ashregan, is but to serve the Purpose.

But that was precisely what had happened when the combined Ashregan-Crigolit force had surprised the attack group.

It one of the mutant Ashregan fighters may be that so much havoc on Koba wrought.

It is supposed they by the Amplitur from normal Ashregan stock bioengineered have been.

After all, the Ashregan bore the same kind of superficial external resemblance to Humans as Hivistahm did to the smaller but distinctly different O'o'yan.

An ordinary Ashregan would be more dangerous than the two of us combined.

Though all Ashregan were trained hi fighting techniques, not all were soldiers.

If they tried to capture it and failed, the Ashregan might well kill them both.

It was steep-sided and deep enough to keep even a tall Ashregan from climbing out.

To break the paralysis he jumped up and down several times and twitched obscenely, though it was unlikely the Ashregan was knowledgeable enough to interpret the gestures.

Like some great primeval forest spirit, the mutant Ashregan crouched momentarily.