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Aira is a genus of Old World plants in the grass family , native to western and southern Europe , central and southwest Asia , plus Africa . The common name , shared with the similar related genera Deschampsia and Koeleria , is hair-grass , from the very...

Usage examples of aira.

Iranon, and come from Aira, a far city that I recall only dimly but seek to find again.

And sometimes at sunset i would climb the long hilly street to the citadel and the open place, and look down upon Aira, the magic city of marble and beryl, splendid in a robe of golden flame.

And peradventure it may be that Oonai the city of lutes and dancing is even the fair Aira thou seekest, for it is told that thou hast not known Aira since the old days, and a name often changeth.

I know that welcome shall wait me only in Aira, the city of marble and beryl where my father once ruled as King.

So for Aira shall we seek, though it were well to visit distant and lute-blessed oonai across the Karthianhills, which may indeed be Aira, though i think not.

Iranon would sing of Aira and its beauties and Romnod would listen, so that they were both happy after a fashion.

Often at night Iranon sang to the revellers, but he was always as before, crowned only in the vine of the mountains and remembering the marble streets of Aira and the hyaline Nithra.

But though Iranon was sad he ceased not to sing, and at evening told again of his dreams of Aira, the city of marble and beryl.

Iranon stayed ever young, and wore wreathes upon his golden head whilst he sang of Aira, delight of the past and hope of the future.

I may find Aira, the city of marble and beryl, where flows the hyaline nithra and where the falls of the tiny Kra sing to the verdant valleys and hills forested with yath trees?

The doors slammed, and as though that had been a signal, a roar went up and something hurtled through the aira soft fruit.

As they approached the fair, Garion could hear a cacophonous tumult filling the aira sort of bawling clamor of thousands of voices shouting all at once.

Set adjacent to my hotel was Gringos, an establishment of bamboo and thatch above a concrete deck and open to the aira tourist bar that, since there were no tourists, catered chiefly to expatriates and young Honduran women.

And if the stars were fire, and fire could not burn without airas was proven by covering good dry fuel, after setting it alight, with something imperviousthen there must be air around the stars.

Presently one of them broke clear into the aira big fish, thick-bodied and shining, looking as long as Barneys arm in the moonlightand dropped back with a splash.