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Alca may refer to: Advanced Light Combat Aircraft, see Aero L-159 Alca Alca , a genus of birds, see razorbill The Free Trade Area of the Americas , known as Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas in Spanish, and Área de Livre Comércio das Américas in Portuguese ...

Usage examples of alca.

He spoke, and, gathering up his habit, he rushed among the crowd of penguins, pushing, jostling, trampling, and crushing, until he reached the daughter of Alca, whom he seized and suddenly carried in his arms into a cave that had been hollowed out by the sea.

The holy Mael felt a profound sadness that the first clothes put upon a daughter of Alca should have betrayed the penguin modesty instead of helping it.

For this reason, my son, call together the Elders of Alca, and in agreement with them we shall establish the tax.

During these times there lived in the island of Alca a Penguin whose arm was strong and whose mind was subtle.

She spoke in this way because the inhabitants of Alca, having no news of Kraken since he went to live on the Beach of Shadows, believed that he had died and descended among the demons of night.

In the meantime the inhabitants of Alca practised the labours of peace.

Following the counsel of the holy Mael the inhabitants of Alca endeavoured to uproot the superstitions that had sprung up amongst them.

The next day he girded up his loins and set out with two of his companions to proclaim to the inhabitants of Alca that a virgin alone would be able to deliver the Penguins from the rage of the dragon.

But they come no longer, and I believe that what has been taken for a dragon is not one at all, but pirates or merchants who have carried off the fair Orberosia and the best of the children of Alca in their ships.

And in the wooden monastery old Mael, seated on a bench in the shade of an old fig-tree, accompanied by a pious monk called Regimental, kept asking himself anxiously and sadly how it was that there was not in Alca a single virgin fit to overthrow the monster.

In the hall of his palace where, under the sooty rafters, there hung the heads, pelts, and horns of wild beasts, he held feasts to which all the harpers of Alca and of the neighbouring islands were invited, and he himself used to join in singing the praises of the heroes.

On the news that the Porpoise fleet, composed of six hundred great ships, was in sight of Alca, the bishop ordered a solemn procession.

Now, under the Presidency of Theodore Formose, there lived in a peaceable suburb of Alca a monk called Agaric, who kept a school and assisted in arranging marriages.

The middle classes of Alca conceived a profound admiration for the Emiral.

The Dracophils held one or two every day in some of the thirty-six districts of Alca, and preferably in the poorer quarters.