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Answer for the clue "Egyptian danseuse ", 4 letters:

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Alme \Al"me\, ||Almeh \Al"meh\, n. [Ar. 'almah (fem.) learned, fr. 'alama to know: cf. F. alm['e]e.] An Egyptian dancing girl; an Alma. The Almehs lift their arms in dance. --Bayard Taylor. [1913 Webster] ||

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Almè is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy , located about northeast of Milan and about northwest of Bergamo . Almè borders the following municipalities: Almenno San Bartolomeo , Almenno San Salvatore , Paladina ...

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n. (alternative form of almah English)

Usage examples of alme.

Consider whereaboute we are, not giveing almes, but furnishing a store house.