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Pie \Pie\, n. [F. pie, L. pica; cf. picus woodpecker, pingere to paint; the bird being perhaps named from its colors. Cf. Pi , Paint , Speight .] (Zo["o]l.) A magpie. Any other species of the genus Pica , and of several allied genera. [Written also pye...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (archaic spelling of pie nodot=1 English) (the pastry food).

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Pye can refer to:

Usage examples of pye.

Fatty brought by two steelhead and a Coho salmon he caught, right where Pye Creek empties into the L.

It was true, admitted Myron, that with their 1600 shares together, Pye and Charian could outvote Dingle and himself, but what did that matter?

He slapped Pye, then, and was frightened by discovering how homicidally he wanted to give him one sweet, ringing, murderous clip on the jaw and, lest he do it, he shoved Pye into the closet in his office, locked it, put the key with absurdly sober-looking methodicalness into the top drawer of his desk, and went quietly crazy.

Four days later, Richard Pye and Nick Schirovsky decided that their labours in distributing booze to the solidest citizens of New York, the worthies who kept every law except inconvenient ones, merited a vacation.

  Joshua Pye, when thus animadverted upon, retorted that the Avonlea taste in colors was no business of his, whatever his private opinion might be.

Joshua Pye, when thus animadverted upon, retorted that the Avonlea taste in colors was no business of his, whatever his private opinion might be.

Quick as lightning, Pye grabbed the bow and arrow from Frank's hands.

Roger Pye sent word to the Improvers by his son, John Andrew, that he was going to town and would get their paint for them, the Improvers told John Andrew to tell his father to get 147.

Mugal Pye and half a dozen other men, all wearing the large caps of the Faithful.

Dern, without displaying any of the interest and suspicion he felt at the advent of men who were unmistakably Voorstoders, asked for their names—Mugal Pye, Epheron Floom, Preu Flandry, and a young man called Ilion Girat—without giving his in return.

In fact, it was doubtful whether some of the Pyes had any affections to win.

Lynde told them to keep on and show the Pyes that there really were people in the world who could do things without making a muddle of them.

After a visit to Boscastle, she reported that the building which the Pyes had glimpsed from the bus did indeed exist.

It would have been difficult for anyone on foot to see it, especially if they had been going up the hill and not down, as the Pyes had done in the bus.

On one sheet he laid out the family trees of the Courtneys, the Pyes and the Petersens, all three names associated with the purchase of Andersland on the documents he had seen in Ladyburg Deeds Office.