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PYT (Down With Me) is P.Y.T. 's debut album. It features the single "Same Ol Same Ol" featuring rapper Sarai and "PYT (Down With Me)". It also features a hidden track by Sarai.

Usage examples of pyt.

His father, Murat Pyt, had worked his way with great energy and ambition from street warden to quarter warden of the Ports, and then of the Royal Quarter.

The rank of High Warden carried a title with it, which caused Murat Pyt much satisfaction with himself and sudden dissatisfaction with his son, who seemed content to be a street warden for the rest of his life.

Finally, Lord Pyt stumbled upon the only solution to his exasperating son.

She recognized the craggy, sour face of the High Warden, Lord Pyt, and jerked back.

Lord Pyt, who listened silently as Paquin Bel repeated himself, word for word, Arneth noted with wonder.

The king and Lord Pyt are ready to place a guard around the quarter, isolate it from the city, and drag Tyramin out by force if I give them word.

It was Arneth Pyt, she realized, standing between her and Mistral with his sword in his hand.

Ale had loosened their tongues and honed their courage, and they were now boasting about what they would do to make Pyt and his men rue their decision to attack the nearby farms.

Guy was released because Pyt and his men believe him incapable of doing anything but capitulating and giving them what they want.

Christian wanted to ask what Pyt knew of the battle when his father was accused of abandoning the king.

He could not give Pyt any more of an advantage by letting the outlaw guess how unprepared Avisa was for such negotiations.

Do not expect that Pyt will release you as he did your brother when that young fool became too troublesome.

His expression warned that Pyt intended to inflict insult for as long as possible.

Pyt and for all of us, including Christian Lovell, safe passage past the borders of the lands Pyt terrorizes.

So faint was the motion that he doubted he would have seen it if he had not been watching both Avisa and Pyt closely in hope of discovering a chance to put an end to these verbal jousts without injury to her.