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Answer for the clue "Renounced the crown: Abbr ", 3 letters:

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Abd or ABD may refer to: Abd (Arabic) , slave or servant ABD (TV station) , the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Darwin TV station Abd, Iran , a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran AB de Villiers , a South African cricketer ACCO Brands (NYSE stock ...

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abbr. {{non-gloss definition|Airport code for Abadan, Iran. (reference-book last = first = authorlink = coauthors = editor =Morris, William others = title = The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language origdate = origyear = 1969 origmonth = ...

Usage examples of abd.

City of Nimmr, Tarzan had overtaken the party of Beduins led by Abd el-Aziz, and after assuring himself that the girl was not with them he had turned without revealing himself to them and hurried northward to take up the trail of the other party.

He is in league with Sheytan, who came hi the guise of el-fil and carried the Nasrany into the jungle, after throwing me upon the top of the beyt of Abd el-Aziz whom I still hear squealing and cursing beneath as though it had been he who was attacked rather than I.

The caller would invariably be Qusay or his older brother, Uday, or it might be Saddam's personal secretary, Abd Hamid Mahmoud.