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Answer for the clue "Grommet insert ", 5 letters:

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Aglet \Ag"let\ ([a^]g"l[e^]t), Aiglet \Aig"let\ ([=a]g"l[e^]t), n. [F. aiguillette point, tagged point, dim. of aiguilee needle, fr. LL. acucula for acicula, dim. of L. acus needle, pin; cf. OF. agleter to hook on. See Acute , and cf. Aiguillette .] A tag ...

Usage examples of aglet.

Both the little round face ruff that fastened with aglets and the ruffled cuffs had long since yellowed, and Lady Appleton had not even bothered with a safeguard to protect her skirts.

There were a few aglets and gold clasps for doublets and cloaks, and five ornate gold buttons larger than all the rest.

One of the aglets at the end of his shoelace contained a highly compressed irritant agent, primarily Chloroacetophenone-a mild but smoky form of tear gas.