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Pla may refer to: People Josefina Pla (1903–1999), Spanish poet and playwright Judith Plá (born 1978), Spanish long distance runner Marylin Pla (born 1984), French skater Places Le Pla , a commune in southwestern France Pla d'Urgell , a comarca in Catalonia, ...

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On these same plains of La Plata, we see the agouti and bizcacha, animals having nearly the same habits as our hares and rabbits and belonging to the same order of Rodents, but they plainly display an American type of structure.

INSISTID on sailing the Weazel in slow circles around the place where the picketboat had last been seen, but except for a few splintered pla s bobbing on the chop nothing was found.

With control of the East China Sea assured, the ground forces of the PLA should be able to take back Hong Kong and Tsingtao and Shanghai.

He ranges from Mozart to the Beatles to damned good imitations of Michael Hedges or Manilas de Plata.

La Plata lay at the foot of a bright blistered hill forty clicks inside Landslip, and it seemed to Moura typical of what she had seen of that zonerather tumbledown and unprotected, and close-up deranged.

Stopped, cursing himself for still not having his head oil korrect, picked up a chair and hurled it through the plas.

Durango wound down off the mesa and through the Mancos Valley nestled between the snow-topped La Plata mountains to the north and the red mesas to the south.

Paks could not see much through the rain, but watched Plas Group specialists operating the two catapults, winding down the arm, loading stones into the cup.

Durante la primera, unos hombres, desde el pescante de un carro que salía del mercado del Plata, pregonaron duraznos blancos y amarillos.

Ese hombre muerto que aborrezco tuvo en su mano cuanto los hombres muertos han visto y ven los que están vivos: las ciudades, climas y reinos en que se divide la tierra, los tesoros ocultos en el centro, las naves que atraviesan el mar, los instrumentos de la guerra, de la música y de la cirugía, las graciosas mujeres, las estrellas fijas y los planetas, los colores que emplean los infieles para pintar sus cuadros aborrecibles, los minerales y las plantas con los secretos y virtudes que encierran, los ángeles de plata cuyo alimento es el elogio y la justificación del Señor, la distribución de los premios en las escuelas, las estatuas de pájaros y de reyes que hay en el corazón de las pirámides, la sombra proyectada por el toro que sostiene la tierra y por el pez que está debajo del toro, los desiertos de Dios el Misericordioso.

Another crude chair facing a long, highly polished table where three men sat: two wizened Party cadres and a PLA general, to lend authority.

Within was cocooned equipment-ore carts, picks, shovels, all kinds of hand tools, as well as an array of tough plas props for tunnel supports.

We may doubt whether they have thus changed: if the Megatherium, Mylodon, Macrauchenia, and Toxodon had been brought to Europe from La Plata, without any information in regard to their geological position, no one would have suspected that they had coexisted with still living sea-shells.

The Counsellor was presiding with much majesty over the diableries of his chums, prudent business men from the Hanseatic ports who had big accounts in the Deutsche Bank or were shopkeepers installed in the republic of the La Plata, with an innumerable family.

Había diamantes, rubíes, esmeraldas, zafiros, turquesas y piedras de la luna incrustadas como rutilantes estrellas en un cielo de plata luciente.