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Answer for the clue "N.Z. mollusk ", 4 letters:

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Etymology 1 n. (context Australia New South Wales, Queensland English) The edible saltwater clam ''Plebidonax deltoides'', endemic to Australia. Etymology 2 n. (context NZ English) The edible saltwater clam ''Paphies australis'', of the family Mesodesmatidae, ...

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Pipi or Pipis may refer to: Plebidonax deltoides , an edible clam known as pipi in parts of Australia Paphies australis , a mollusc endemic to New Zealand Pipi A , a High Priest of Ptah during the Ancient Egyptian 21st Dynasty Neterkheperre Meryptah called ...

Usage examples of pipi.

WALKED to the table with a fresh bowl of popcorn for Mandy and Pipi to string.

Sarah sank down on the bed while Pipi and Granny fluttered around her, helping her dress.

She sat down in the angle of the wall and the floor, outside in the passage, and Christine, nothing loath, sat down alongside, smelling as usual of pipi, but Rachel was too numb to object.

When I yawned in his face and played with his pipi, he naturally thought I did not find his plans so interesting.

And by the time the roast whole hog and pipi oma roastbeef had been finished off everyone was drunk, even some of the tourists were drunk, and he had stripped off his gook shirt and kicked off his sandals and rolled his slacks up to his knees and jumped out into the firelight and danced Meliani Oe for them with a gardenia snatched from the hair of the youngest wahine stuck over his ear, and that had really gotten her.

Still, one was only a human being and one had to do pipi from time to time.

A very nice one, with elegant yellow tiling, kept extremely smart by a zealous Dame Pipi, who had now gone home.