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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE single ▪ Matching one discreteness with another Bohr supposed that the energy loss was radiated as a single photon . ▪ The photomultiplier was operated in the single photon counting mode. ▪ As a result of this, ...

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A photon is an elementary particle of light. Photon may also refer to: Photon (comics) , two superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe, both formerly known as "Captain Marvel" Photon (Image Comics) , a comic book superhero from Image Comics Photon (anime) ...

Usage examples of photon.

If the mirrors are about six inches apart, it will take the photon about a billionth of a second to complete one round-trip journey.

For instance, if we are timing a horse race and count that between the start and finish the number of round-trip photon journeys is 55 billion, we can conclude that the race took 55 seconds.

If the photon did not travel along this path, it would miss the upper mirror and fly off into space.

The photon bounces off the upper mirror and again travels a diagonal path to hit the lower mirror, and the sliding clock ticks.

The extra distance that the sliding photon must travel is tiny and it has a correspondingly tiny effect on the rate of ticking of the moving clock.

To distinguish the ensuing trajectory of the photon from the previous trajectories of the electron and positron, we follow a traditional physics convention and draw it with a wiggly line.

The flash, a photon, is itself a string in a particular vibrational pattern.

This is how, we recall, unwrapped strings can yield the zero-mass photon, graviton, and the other massless or near-massless particles, for example.

With its partner having disappeared into the abyss of the hole, the other photon of the pair no longer has a partner with which to annihilate.

Instead, Hawking showed that the remaining photon gets an energy boost from the gravitational force of the black hole and, as its partner falls inward, it gets shot outward, away from the black hole.

Hawking realized that to someone looking at the black hole from the safety of afar, the combined effect of this tearing apart of virtual photon pairs, happening over and over again all around the horizon of the black hole, will appear as a steady stream of outgoing radiation.

A time display flashed in the bottom right corner of the photon amp image, spectral yellow digits: 21:17:08.

Suzi ducked into the darker oval of an open hatch, fumbling her photon amp into place as she went.

The photon amp showed a monster crab scuttling right at him, metre length of pipe instead of claw.

A tube of impenetrably black air, which even the photon amp had difficulty discerning.