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Answer for the clue "Water __ (dental gadget) ", 3 letters:

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Usage examples of pik.

Quik Pik with a pint of chocolate chip ice cream in a bag and a little mouse chewing at her conscience.

She worked three to eleven as an assistant manager at the Quik Pik on La Rue Dumas in Bayou Breaux and figured she deserved a beer or two after eight hours of clearing gas pumps, selling lottery tickets, and running teenagers off before they could shoplift the place into bankruptcy.

She had called just tonight from the Quik Pik to give her opinion on canceling the street dance.

It had taken a 120-pound clerk from the Quik Pik with a sawed-off shotgun to stop the predator.

She was, she said, going to show Joe how to clean out his eye socket--a task, she cautioned, that had to be performed with a special solution and a Water Pik twice a day.

She held up her own choice, tiny ballet slippers against a pik background.

If you asked Mma Ramotswe to give, for instance, the names of convicted diamond smugglers, she could give them to you: Archie Mofobe, Piks Ngube, Molso Mobole, and George Excellence Tambe.