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Answer for the clue "Made one's case ", 7 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Plead \Plead\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pleaded (colloq. Plead or Pled ); p. pr. & vb. n. Pleading .] [OE. pleden, plaiden, OF. plaidier, F. plaider, fr. LL. placitare, fr. placitum. See Plea .] To argue in support of a claim, or in defense against the claim...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
alt. (context British excepting Scotland English), still used by some in the US. (en-past of: plead ) vb. (context British excepting Scotland English), still used by some in the US. (en-past of: plead )

Usage examples of pleaded.

Helva pleaded on the tight beam just as the 732's crooning broke off abruptly.

Jamas pleaded when angry tones made no impression on his cat, now crouched under his camp bed.

Soamosa pleaded desperately, "if you can hear me you must give me some sign.

She was shoved away from the water by a tremendous force and pleaded to be given more to drink.

And they played until the musicians pleaded for a respite, and, leaving their instruments on the bar, swept out to the cool evening beach to get a second wind.

The families pleaded and offered all sorts of personal assurances, but in the end the two captives died and no ransom was ever paid.

The others refused to believe that they had not been visited by Eosi, and pleaded with him to take them to a safer place.

Even when I approached my mother and pleaded with her, reminding her that I had undertaken all the disagreeable tasks allotted us girls in the hope of attending Alessan's first Gather, she had been unresponsive.

Lytol pleaded, patting her shoulder awkwardly and glancing at T'ton for support.

She pleaded with him, crying out wildly that they'd rouse the sleeping Wirenth.

When I remember that I pleaded with that excrescence T'ron to come and help us?

My son has been misguided, led astray by bad companions whom I pleaded with him to give up, little knowing what they were involved in-"

Lorana had pleaded, scolded, cursed, and shoved at them in a vain effort to get them to seek safety, but they had remained steadfast.

Taking Teroro's hands, she knelt before him and pleaded softly, "I have shown you how sweet Havaiki could be because I want to save your life.

Teroro pleaded, swinging his club, but when he reached the prostrate figure of Tatai he saw that Pa had already killed him.