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Answer for the clue "Smiling, probably ", 7 letters:

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Word definitions for pleased in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Pleased \Pleased\, a. Experiencing pleasure. -- Pleas"ed*ly , adv. -- Pleas"ed*ness , n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"satisfied, contented," late 14c., past participle adjective from please (v.).

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES be pleased to hear ▪ She’ll be pleased to hear that she can leave hospital tomorrow. nice/pleased to meet you (= used to greet someone politely when you have just met them for the first time ) ▪ ‘This is my niece, ...

Usage examples of pleased.

The mistress of the house was fond of ready-made phrases, and she adopted this one, about Julien, very pleased at having invited an academician to dine with them.

Will you suffer me therefore to beg, unless any consideration restrains you, that you would be pleased to acquaint me what motives have induced you thus to withdraw from the society of mankind, and to betake yourself to a course of life to which it sufficiently appears you were not born?

I was still more pleased at the chance which had made me acquainted with Martinelli, whom I had known by repute for six years.

I was pleased with the columbine, and felt a strong desire to be acquainted with her.

Western: nor did that good lady depart without leaving some wholesome admonitions with her brother, on the dreadful effects of his passion, or, as she pleased to call it, madness.

I knew that, though our father made a show of affability, he was far from pleased.

I found a solitary boy of about seventeen in charge, and was pleased to note the brightness and affability which promised cheerful information.

Leaving the shelter of the magical gardens for the first time Lyim Flewelling since his arrival in the city, Alec was pleased to feel the cold, sweet winter breeze against his face again.

Pleased with the dress and with the fact that she was ready ten minutes before Lucas was scheduled to arrive, Amaryllis walked out of her bedroom.

I was so pleased with this neat and simple control that we have employed it for several other of the key steps in the cascade - finding, for instance, that the increase in dendritic spines occurs only in a remembering and not in an amnesic group.

I was so pleased at all the amorous enjoyment her senses were evidently experiencing, that I made her easy by telling her that the success of the great magic operation depended upon the amount of pleasure she enjoyed.

After a supper which would have pleased a Lucullus, we spent twelve hours in giving each other proofs, of our passionate love, sleeping after our amorous struggles, and waking only to renew the fight.

But what pleased me extremely was that in spite of my amorous persecution she did not lose that smiling calm which so became her.

Sir Henry Ancred, asks me to write to you in reference to a portrait of himself in the character of Macbeth, for which he would be pleased to engage your services.

In the morning, if he drew the iron tray further down the annealing oven, the glass would be ready to be taken out, and Giovanni could take it if he pleased, for he knew whose it was.