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Answer for the clue "Dress features ", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word pleats

Usage examples of pleats.

It was folded into wide pleats, held in place by a narrow roped belt, and fell only to mid-thigh.

She kept her shoulders straight and her hands at her sides so she wouldn't accidentally pull one of the pleats away from her belt.

I'll not have my pleats disturbed before the king arrives, and that's that.

Just look what he did to my pleats," she added as she whirled around to show him the evidence.

I dressed in his plaid, but I can't fashion these pleats to save my soul.

Jamie walked up the steps, her hands folded demurely in front of her pleats, drawing her husband's full attention.

Were it not for the rushes and bad pleats, she truly would have slipped past me.

Her pleats were not perfect by any means, but seemed good enough that she would pass for a Scot.

Moments later, she was standing beside him again, adjusting the pleats to her satisfaction.

She fashioned perfect pleats around her waist, tossed one end of the long strip of material over her right shoulder so the plaid would cover her heart, and secured the garment with a narrow brown leather belt.

Johanna straightened the pleats of her plaid and then hurried to catch up with him.

Her head was bowed, and she pretended great interest in straightening the pleats of her plaid.

She stood up, adjusted the pleats of her plaid, and started to thank Auggie.

Alex came into the room while she was adjusting her pleats under her belt.

Raulf doesn't know I'm carrying, and the pleats in my plaid hide my condition.