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In ancient Rome , the plebs was the general body of free Roman citizens who were not patricians , as determined by the census . From the 4th century BC or earlier, they were known as commoners (part of the lower social status). Literary references to the ...

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n. 1 (plural of pleb English) 2 The common people, as a whole, or as a group.

Usage examples of plebs.

I am going to move in the Plebs that all future candidates for an augurship should be required to strip naked and parade up and down the Forum.

Curio as tribune of the plebs, hurrying from Gaul, sent ahead and registered as a candidate for the vacant augurship of Quintus Hortensius.

That Oppianicus had ended in being convicted was due to the avarice of his appointed briber, the same Gaius Aelius Staienus who had proven so useful to Pompey a few years earlier-and kept ninety thousand sesterces for himself when Gaius Antonius Hybrida had hired him to bribe nine tribunes of the plebs.

And one of the tribunes-elect of the plebs, Gaius Memmius, created such a howl in the Forum that no amount of bribing by Jugurtha could avert catastrophe.

Gaius Aelius Staienus had a busy evening bustling from the house of one tribune of the plebs to another-Marcus Atilius Bulbus, Manius Aquillius, Quintus Curius, Publius Popillius, and on through nine of the ten.

The tribunate of the plebs appeals to men with a streak of the demagogue in them, like Clodius.

Roman magistrate, even the most unabashed demagogue who ever called himself a tribune of the plebs!

That he was now the President of the College of Tribunes of the Plebs did not bode well for tribunician antics of demagogue kind.

Among these was the younger brother of Celer, Metellus Nepos, soon to assume office as tribune of the plebs.

Cato, who would also be a tribune of the plebs, commended Cicerowhich only made Nepos scream louder, because he loathed Cato.

Therefore his prisoners would continue to live under custody in Rome until well into the New Year, which also meant new tribunes of the plebs like Metellus Nepos yammering that Cicero had exceeded his authority, and other tribunes of the plebs like Cato hovering to pounce on any legal slip.

Caesar spoke briefly to the effect that the tribune of the plebs Quintus Caecilius Metellus Nepos wished to present a bill for discussion by the People.

Curule chairs overturned as consuls, praetors and aediles fled up the broad marble stairs into the temple, with all the tribunes of the plebs except for Cato and Metellus Nepos after them.

The moment the suffect consuls were installed, Publius Titius went to the Plebs.

All over the Terran System, and even as far away as Wolfbane, Plebs exploded into paroxysms of mindless violence.