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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Plenum \Ple"num\, n. [L., fr. plenus full.] That state in which every part of space is supposed to be full of matter; -- opposed to vacuum . --G. Francis. (Ventilation) A condition, as in an occupied room, in which the pressure of the air is greater than...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context physics English) A space that is completely filled with matter. 2 (context figuratively English) A state of fullness, a great quantity (of something). 3 A legislative meeting (especially of the Communist Party) in which all members are present....

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1670s, "filled space" (opposite of vacuum ), from Latin plenum (spatium) "full (space)," neuter of adjective plenus "complete, full" (see plenary ). The meaning "of a full assembly of legislators" is first recorded 1772.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a meeting of a legislative body at which all members are present; "the plenum will vote on all tax increases" an enclosed space in which the air pressure is higher than outside [also: plena (pl)]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Plenum may refer to: Plenum chamber , a chamber intended to contain air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure Plenism, or Horror vacui (physics) the concept that "nature abhors a vacuum" Plenum (meeting) , a meeting of a deliberative assembly in which all...

Usage examples of plenum.

The combat car, which weighed thirty-two tonnes, quivered only minutely as it spread the Molt between the ground and the steel skirt of the plenum chamber.

Quae Caesar consentientibus pluribus cum cognosset atque ea quae proponerentur consilia plena prudentiae longeque a temeritate barbarorum remota esse iudicaret, omnibus rebus inserviendum statuit, quo celerius hostis contempta sua paucitate prodiret in aciem.

El general Su Wu ha celebrado en monosílabos inmortales el deleite de contemplar la cacería del oso, pero nadie ignora que primero recibió en plena espalda las flechas de los infalibles arqueros y luego fue alcanzado y devorado por la irritada presa.

El mons­truo, golpeado en plena carrera, se retorció bajo el bloque de piedra que le clavaba al suelo, lo hizo caer y avanzó de nuevo hacia mí con un paso incierto, arrastrando tras de sí las patas rotas.

The scar-faced man looking from the plenum chamber grinned at Brainard, turned his head, and spit into the oil-rainbowed water of Herd Harbor.

In a plenum conceived as a static grid of relationships, a 'violation' of that 'law' is nothing more startling than a discontinuous function, to be noted and described.

The swing wings are strictly for a supersonic dash at low altitude, using ducted fan and perhaps small auxiliary jets buried in the aft hull, drawing air from the fan plenum.

Ginny and I are pretty good shots in the nearly Euclidean space of this plenum.

Instead of a plenum chamber and fairings to cool the exhaust, the tailpipes were arranged above a fairing that might shield the worst of the heat signature from a ground observer.

The breeze curling through the access port and the fan intakes did nothing but drift grit into the eyes of the two men lying on their backs in the plenum chamber.

Pero querían que me encontrase en plena forma para el combate que decidiría o no mi admisión en el se­no de la tribu de Koth.

Tú has visto lo que pasa cuando mis gavilanes surgen del cielo, en plena noche, para lanzarse contra las ciudades de los hombres mono.

El personaje tomó plena posesión de mi mente y no me permitió hacer otra cosa que escribir su historia.

Steuben stood above him by the height of the jeep's plenum chamber.

His left leg had been numb till he dropped from the plenum chamber to the ground.