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Answer for the clue "Amazon Indian ", 4 letters:

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Paños are pen or pencil drawings on fabric, a form of prison artwork made in the Southwest United States . The first paños, made with pieces of bedsheets and pillowcases, were made in the 1930s. They were originally used to communicate messages. Since then, ...

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Etymology 1 n. (context photography English) A panoramic image. Etymology 2 n. (context veterinary medicine English) paneosteitis

Usage examples of pano.

Professor Panos Meliti was caught in an internal squeeze play between the constantly warring Cypriot factions, which culminated in the coup ousting Archbishop Makarios.

Panos, his lifework destroyed, would go back to Athens and his masonry work, and Dorian Belecamus, the failed Pythia, would return to Paris and her teaching.

He started to turn, but instead sidestepped around the rotund archaeologist, and pulled Panos to his feet.

As they rode out of town, he wondered if the archaeologist was as interested as Panos and his son in protecting Dorian from outsiders.