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n. (plural of dike English)

Usage examples of dikes.

Mantau, Amsel hunched over and the whole time clouds, while Senta upwind, the gulls downwind, the dikes bare to the horizon, while the sun is gone gone gone -- he finds his pocketknife.

For slowly flowed the Vistula, slowly the dikes tapered off, the seasons changed, slowly clouds drifted, slowly the ferry labored, slowly the denizens of the lowlands changed over from oil lamps to electric light, and only slowly did the children in the villages to the right and left of the Vistula get it through their heads that anyone who wanted to pick a bone with young Amsel would have Walter Matern to reckon with.

Because there was a hollow spooky sound under the floorboards, they both felt immediately at home in this classroom assigned to the sixth, even though there was no Vistula flowing broad-shouldered between dikes outside the windows.

But it has to be admitted that for all their aesthetic harmony, for all their refinement of detail and morbid elegance of line, these scarecrows or, as Amsel said, figures, were less impressive than the scarecrows which Eddi Amsel the village schoolboy seems to have built for many years in his native Schiewenhorst, exhibited on the Vistula dikes, and sold at a profit.

Munich was a disappointment but Stade, the country behind the Elbe dikes, is a highly developed fruit-growing region.

If there were a Vistula here and Vistula dikes from horizon to horizon, the village over yonder would be Schiewenhorst and here, where every morning except Thursday the coke barons and trustees drive up, would be Nickelswalde.

The rain would not fall, or if it did, it fell so hard that our dikes broke and our crops were washed away.

Chen, do you remember how worried we were when the flood broke our dikes and the sickness killed our pigs?

The four men intersected the other fifteen troops of the platoon at a place where two dikes crossed.

But we drew no fire, so we moved cautiously along two parallel dikes, toward the tree line.

It runs parallel to the dikes that contain the submerged Everglades conservation areas, vital South Florida watersheds.

Hundreds of miles of canals and dikes were gouged through the sawgrass meadows, pond apple sloughs and cypress heads.

Everybody who owned any wetland would demand publicly funded dikes, ditches and sewers.

A workman sent out by the city to assess storm damage discovered a hole in one of the dikes near the Arsenal.

From here I could see the line of dikes that had been turned into firebreaks.