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Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 The quality of being diverse or different; difference or unlikeness. 2 A variety; diverse types or examples.

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Diversity is the fifth LP released by the reggae artist Gentleman .

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Diversity \Di*ver"si*ty\, n.; pl. Diversities . [F. diversit['e], L. diversitas, fr. diversus. See Diverse .] A state of difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness. They will prove opposite; and not resting in a bare diversity, rise into a contrariety. ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES cultural diversity (= including people from many different cultures ) ▪ the racial and cultural diversity of British society ethnic diversity (= the fact of including people from many different ethnic groups ) ▪ Chicago ...

Usage examples of diversity.

Hotel, and has been attended by the most happy results, yet the cases have presented so great a diversity of abnormal features, and have required so many variations in the course of treatment, to be met successfully, that we frankly acknowledge our inability to so instruct the unprofessional reader as to enable him to detect the various systemic faults common to this ever-varying disease, and adjust remedies to them, so as to make the treatment uniformly successful.

Are we to think that a being knowing itself must contain diversity, that self-knowledge can be affirmed only when some one phase of the self perceives other phases, and that therefore an absolutely simplex entity would be equally incapable of introversion and of self-awareness?

Thus the states may regulate matters which, because of their number and diversity, may never be adequately dealt with by Congress.

Still, admitting the diversity of the Reason-principles, why need there by as many as there are men born in each Period, once it is granted that different beings may take external manifestation under the presence of the same principles?

Mather not only acknowledged that there were bewitched people but also reminded readers of the seemingly unending diversity of the invisible world, occurrences God permitted to afflict his people.

What makes fetishism so interesting is the intriguing diversity and perverse enthusiasm displayed by the fetishistic.

Great diversity in the size of two plants, one being woody and the other herbaceous, one being evergreen and the other deciduous, and adaptation to widely different climates, does not always prevent the two grafting together.

Even the diversity of shapes during this time could be justified by the appearance in the genetic code of Hox genes.

But the number and diversity of inheritable deviations of structure, both those of slight and those of considerable physiological importance, is endless.

Emerging under different suns, whether in the pleasant uplands of Kenya or Uganda, the steep gorges of Inyanga, or the rolling plains of Rhodesia, and growing over many centuries of pioneering migration and settlement, mingling with more primitive peoples, solving a whole wide range of contrasting problems, these early civilizations asserted once again a dominant African theme of unity in diversity, continuity in isolation.

Advocates of scientism commonly overlook the subjective, human role of choosing which natural phenomena to investigate, the means of investigating them, and the diversity of human interpretations of research data.

Husserl and the phenomenologists, by their very extravagances, reinstate the world in its diversity and deny the transcendent power of the reason.

Intellectual Nature to the level of the Sense-Kind: their true course is to seek to reduce number to the least possible in the Supreme, simply referring all things to the Second Hypostasis--which is all that exists as it is Primal Intellect and Reality and is the only thing that is good except only for the first Nature--and to recognize Soul as the third Principle, accounting for the difference among souls merely by diversity of experience and character.

As the diversity is reduced and the oscillators become more similar, the order parameter rises as the synchronized pack conscripts more of the population.

Below all that, on the deepest level of all, is the zygote bank, ten thousand fertilized ova tucked away snugly in permafreeze spansules, and enough additional sperm and unfertilized ova to maintain significant genetic diversity as the succeeding generations of the colony unfold.