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Population (2000): 267 Housing Units (2000): 112 Land area (2000): 0.218135 sq. miles (0.564966 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 0.218135 sq. miles (0.564966 sq. km) FIPS code: 13190 Located within: Nebraska...

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DIX or Dix may refer to:

Usage examples of dix.

Georg Grosz, Otto Dix and Max Beckmann, the Blaue Reiter group, the Fauves, Alfred Jarry and Brechtian Theatre, in the rich mulch of Anti-Semitism and Fascist insanity.

These men, and these women also, pray for the South if they be pious, give their money to the South if they be generous, work for the South if they be industrious, fight for the South if they be young, and talk for the South morning, noon, and night, in spite of General Dix and his columbiads on Federal Hill.

Zoroaster, Dix, you were put in there to infiltrate that bunch of crackpots, not to recruit new ones!

DIX, TRIM AND SPRUCE, had found what had once been the living quarters for some of the administrative officers in the redoubt: separate cubicles, each with double-size beds, and dining areas with tables that seated six.

MP platoons from Dix, and the city put on a hundred cops outside the gates.

For the rest of the story see L'empire, Ou Dix Ans Sous Napoleon, Par Un Chambellan: Paris, Allardin, 1836.

He and sixty-six other young men, most of them draftees, had been taken by bus to Fort Dix, New Jersey, where they were given a series of inoculations designed to protect them from disease.

Dix added, spinning the drumsticks between his fingers in an elaborate display of showmanship before bringing them down on the snare to snap off a rim shot, accenting his words.

He proposed a call to the Fort Dix CID to try to get more details from the discharged loony, then a three-man canvassing of downtown doctor's offices, concentrating on the area around the Havana Hotel, where Dulange coupled with Betty.

This report is between Major Harper and General George Peters, post commander of Fort Dix, who has general court-martial convening authority in this case.

This court is convened by court-martial convening order one-thirty-nine, Headquarters, Fort Dix, New Jersey, a copy of which has been furnished to the military judge, each member of the court, counsel, and the accused.

I suggested to my partners that we should write to Dorothy Dix about it.

Indeed, if Cleland had dropped a grenade on himself at Fort Dix rather than in Vietnam, he would never have been a U.

Two: While his safety was the responsibility of Fort Dix personnel, and so publicly acknowledged, I have received a call indicating some effort will be made to hold us responsible.

Fort Bragg had the Justice Department itself on the run and should Justice somehow be able to turn this brilliant attack around, it could only hit Fort Dix.