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n. (plural of drill English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: drill )

Usage examples of drills.

It made a series of deep drills using new technology, brought up core samples from at least two kilometers down.

Houston, but final fittings for Mars excursion suits, microgravity practice in water tanks, and drills in a full-size mock-up of the Mars Shuttle, take place at the Kennedy Space Center.

The compressed air unit started up with a roar and the drills began to eat into the rock.

What with the heavy beatings at any provocation or none, and the physical drills that go on till the weakest drop, and the starvation, and the long roll calls of nearly naked men, in subzero frost, and the hard work-digging drainage ditches, hauling lumber, dragging rocks, demolishing peasant houses in the evacuated villages, and carrying the materials, sometimes several kilometers, to the new blockhouse sites-and what with the guards shooting on the spot men who falter or fall, or finishing them off with the butt-ends of their rifles, the roster of Russians in the quarantine camp at Oswiecim is rapidly shrinking.

Surprise fire drills, air attack drills, abandon ship drills, broke out at all hours.

In abandon-ship drills, he had always gone hand over hand down a dangling hawser.

All there was at Makapuu Head was the lighthouse out on the Point and the one solid rock, and the Engineers across the highway with the pneumatic drills, digging and blasting into the cliff wall where the highway demolition would be.

But now both machinegunners and riflemen worked together side by side with Barco drills and shovels like a nigger labour battalion.

Gradually, as the work on one position after another was completed, and Makapuu still made no headway into the one solid rock, more and more men were shifted out there to help cut with 820 Barco drills the one solid rock.

And across the road the Engineers with their pneumatic drills digging the demolition listened to them sing and watched them enviously, and they knew the Engineers watched them and laughed and sang even more loudly.

The next step was to have holes cut into the bedrock with precision drills through which borescope cameras could then be inserted.

A clear conception on your part of what drills are disciplinary in character and what discipline really is, will help you to become a disciplined soldier.

These drills must be taken daily, if they are to be of the maximum benefit.

Elevation and Deflection Drills, it is best that you become familiarized with the dimensions of the following targets and the ranges at which each is used.

Then, she said, at age eight she came home early from after-school drills at the U.