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Deare \Deare\, variant of Dere , v. t. & n. [Obs.]

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a. (obsolete spelling of dear English)

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Deare is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: C. R. Deare (1852–1921), South African cricket umpire John Deare (1759–1798), English sculptor

Usage examples of deare.

And unto Saint Denis he came anon. Who was so welcome as my lord Dan John, Our deare cousin, full of courtesy?

I pray you by these beautifull haires, by these round cheekes delicate and tender, by your pleasant hot breast, whose shape and face I shall learn at length by the childe in my belly, grant the fruit of my desire, refresh your deare Spowse Psyches with joy, who is bound and linked unto you for ever.

And therewithall shee willed secretly the residue to depart : who being gone she sayd, My most deare Cousin Lucius, I do sweare by the goddesse Diana, that I doe greatly tender your safety, and am as carefull for you as if you were myne owne naturall childe, beware I say, beware of the evil arts and wicked allurements of that Pamphiles who is the wife of Milo, whom you call your Host, for she is accounted the most chief and principall Magitian and Enchantresse living, who by breathing out certain words and charmes over bowes, stones and other frivolous things, can throw down all the powers of the heavens into the deep bottome of hell, and reduce all the whole world againe to the old Chaos.

Then the poore and simple miser Psyches was mooved with the feare of so dreadful words, and being amazed in her mind, did cleane forget the admonitions of her husband, and her owne promises made unto him, and throwing her selfe headlong into extreame misery, with a wanne and sallow countenance, scantly uttering a third word, at length gan say in this sort : O my most deare sisters, I heartily thanke you for your great kindnesse toward me, and I am now verily perswaded that they which have informed you hereof hath informed you of nothing but truth, for I never saw the shape of my husband, neither know I from whence he came, only I heare his voice in the night, insomuch that I have an uncertaine husband, and one that loveth not the light of the day : which causeth me to suspect that he is a beast, as you affirme.

And after her came an old woman in ragged robes, crying and howling likewise : and they brought with them the Olive boughs wherewith the three slaine bodies were covered on the Beere, and cried out in this manner : O right Judges, we pray by the justice and humanity which is in you, to have mercy upon these slaine persons, and succour our Widowhood and losse of our deare husbands, and especially this poore infant, who is now an Orphan, and deprived of all good fortune : and execute your justice by order and law, upon the bloud of this Theefe, who is the occasion of all our sorrowes.

When I was within the house I found my deare and sweet love Fotis mincing of meat and making pottage for her master and mistresse, the Cupboord was all set with wines, and I thought I smelled the savor of some dainty meats : she had about her middle a white and clean apron, and shee was girded about her body under the paps with a swathell of red silke, and she stirred the pot and turned the meat with her fair and white hands, in such sort that with stirring and turning the same, her loynes and hips did likewise move and shake, which was in my mind a comely sight to see.

Then Zephyrus according to the divine commandment brought them down, although it were against his wil, and laid them in the vally without any harm : by and by they went into the palace to their sister without leave, and when they had eftsoone embraced their prey, and thanked her with flattering words for the treasure which she gave them, they said, O deare sister Psyches, know you that you are now no more a child, but a mother : O what great joy beare you unto us in your belly?

Then shee which bare the sword sayd unto the other, Behold sister Panthia, this is my deare and sweet heart, which both day and night hath abused my wanton youthfulnesse.

Then he turning himselfe, embraced and kissed him, and desired the Gentleman, who was one of his acquaintance, to sit downe by him : and Diophanes being astonied with this sudden change, forgot what he was doing, and sayd, O deare friend you are heartily welcome, I pray you when arrived you into these parts?

Here may ye see, mine owen deare brother, The churl spake one thing, but he thought another.

But if the heauens did his dayes enuie,And my short blisse maligne, yet mote they wellThus much afford me, ere that he did dieThat the dim eyes of my deare MarinellI mote haue closed, and him bed farewell,Sith other offices for mother meetThey would not graunt.

The charge, which God doth vnto me arret,Of his deare safetie, I to thee commend.

She stayd, and foorth Duessa gan proceede,O thou most auncient Grandmother of all,More old then Ioue, whom thou at first didst breede,Or that great house of Gods cælestiall,Which wast begot in Dæmogorgons hall,And sawst the secrets of the world vnmade,Why suffredst thou thy Nephewes deare to fallWith Elfin sword, most shamefully betrade?

Faire Helene, flowre of beautie excellent,And girlond of the mighty Conquerours,That madest many Ladies deare lamentThe heauie losse of their braue Paramours,Which they far off beheld from Troian toures,And saw the fieldes of faire Scamander strowneWith carcases of noble warrioures,Whose fruitlesse liues were vnder furrow sowne,And Xanthus sandy bankes with bloud all ouerflowne.

Till her that Squire bespake, Madame my liefe,For Gods deare loue be not so wilfull bent,But doe vouchsafe now to receiue reliefe,The which good fortune doth to you present.