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Answer for the clue "Files in a recycle bin ", 9 letters:

Word definitions for deletions in dictionaries

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n. (plural of deletion English)

Usage examples of deletions.

Even when I was a prisoner in the Cathedral the food had been adequate, and when I was another sort of prisoner with the Committee for Aesthetic Deletions, I was quite well fed, within the limits of hotel cooking.

  It could account for quite a number of deletions in Kai's original requisition list.

I made one final punch, Deletions from file, and expected a whole series of identoplate numbers to show up.

Ever since, each of his successors had made in it a few corrections, deletions, or additions, as changing times indicated.

Everything about them, the faintly yellowed paper, the youthful handwriting, the deletions and corrections in the text, reminded him painfully of almost forgotten times.