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Answer for the clue "Of Apollo's island ", 6 letters:

Word definitions for delian in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1620s, "of Delos," tiny island in the Aegean, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Delian problem "find the length of the side of a cube having double the volume of a given cube," was set by the oracle at Delos when it answered (430 B.C.E.) that the plague...

Usage examples of delian.

From the grim set of Balthasar's mouth, the Delian was wondering the same thing, and Chase Mago looked very thoughtful.

Silence contrived to touch his shoulder, frowning, and the Delian moved his hand away.

The Delian hesitated, then continued with more grace than Silence had expected," -- apologize for the trouble.

Her eyes met Balthasar's, and the Delian gave her a mocking grin before stepping forward to murmur something in Chase Mago's ear.

Instead, she kept an eye on Balthasar, who was scowling nervously at his readouts, wondering just what the Delian was up to.

If the Delian didn't think her feeling was important, she would let it go, at least for now.

Silence locked the control yoke without waiting for Balthasar's order -- she could tell from the way the ship handled that the Delian had it fully under control -- then let herself slide down the ladder to the lower bridge.

At last the Delian brought them alongside the fixpoint, and cut the harmonium.

Balthasar's voice held the same dulled quality as her own, and the pilot wondered momentarily just what the Delian had seen.

She felt strangely lonely without either Chase Mago or the Delian to share the watch, even though she knew perfectly well that any emergency would bring them instantly to their posts.

Silence recognized one set as Recusante's legal -- or at least quasi-legal -- Delian papers, the disks showing opalescent blue under the bridge lights, and knew the others had to be the disks forged on Asterion.

Silence frowned, wondering why Balthasar had not switched one of them to musonar display, and the Delian leaned toward her, reaching across the Ficinan model to touch her hand.

Silence held her breath again, hoping the supercargo's memory had been accurate, and that Balthasar's forger was as good as the Delian had claimed.

The open-channel indicator winked out before the Delian could respond.

As the Delian had predicted, the rising harmonies of the envelopes made it difficult to pick out details from the background clamor, but she thought she saw the bronze shadow of at least one keel in the wash of color.