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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ VERB suffer ▪ At first sight it would appear that the world of hip-hop is suffering from delusions of grandeur. ▪ He was then, still, suffering delusions . ▪ The point is that you are suffering from a complex delusion . ▪...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Delusion \De*lu"sion\n. [L. delusio, fr. deludere. See Delude .] The act of deluding; deception; a misleading of the mind. --Pope. The state of being deluded or misled. That which is falsely or delusively believed or propagated; false belief; error in belief....

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts. 2 The state of being deluded or misled. 3 That which is falsely or delusively believed or propagated; false belief; error in belief.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"act of misleading someone," early 15c.; as a form of mental derangement, 1550s, from Latin delusionem (nominative delusio ) "a deceiving," noun of action from past participle stem of deludere (see delude ).\n \nTechnically, delusion is a belief that, though...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. (psychology) an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary [syn: psychotic belief ] a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "he has delusions of competence"; "his dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination" [syn: hallucination...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation , dogma , illusion , or other effects of perception...

Usage examples of delusion.

When the grayness touched the face and the backs of the hands, the creature became a feverish night wanderer, subject to strange hallucinations and delusions and desires.

When I was under the delusion I was going to show Brie up with my Houdini act, all I could think about was how I was going to smack her down a second time with some sharp and cutting comment.

The best he could ever be was a third-rate cardsharp, no matter how many delusions of grandeur he carried around with him.

Like Caserio, the simple assassin of President Carnot, he was of the type of regicide who becomes obsessed by the delusion that it is his mission to kill the sovereign.

Even assuming that their special malaises are wholly offset by the effects of alcoholism in the male, they suffer patently from the same adenoids, gastritis, cholelithiasis, nephritis, tuberculosis, carcinoma, arthritis and so on--in short, from the same disturbances of colloidal equilibrium that produce religion, delusions of grandeur, democracy, pyaemia, night sweats, the yearning to save humanity, and all other such distempers in men.

However, deep hermeneutics maintains that once the person loosens the repression barrier, exposes this deeper truth, and acknowledges it, then a certain liberation is gained, a liberation from the distortions, lies, and delusions that were constructed to hide the truth.

Complications included dysphoric mood and his attempting to castrate himself while reacting to a delusion.

Then there were the Hoovers - the ivory-white Hoovers flushed with all the benefits of a doting society, the people of intelligence and position who slid through life plucking up the breaks as they dropped in their laps - who had nothing better to do with their lives than indulge their fantasies with harebrained schemes and crackpot notions and then feel they had the legal right to inflict their sick delusions on decent, law-abiding people.

He had a history of withdrawal and fragmentary delusions, and was diagnosed as schizophrenic of the disorganized or hebephrenic type.

For the Hinayanist, important delusions remain unchallenged, development is arrested, and they stagnate with a distorted perspective of the world.

Mitsubishi, and also managed the revenues from all his previous patents, plus of course drank himself blind on a daily basis and then needed at least two hours to sit there naked under a scratchy blanket and shake, and went around impersonating various kinds of health-care professionals during the periods he believed he was a health-care professional, from when he had the delirium-tremen-type career delusions, and in his spare time made in-depth documentaries and a dozen art-films that people are still writing doctoral theses on.

I can protect you from this, give you all the space in the world to live out your romantic delusions with Intana, or whoever else you find weak enough to tolerate.

After he had received the consecrated wafer, he was persuaded by one of his comrades, Mathurin Lejeusne, to take it out of his mouth, wrap it in a cloth, and, on returning to his lodging, fry it over a fire, under the delusion that by reducing it to powder he would make himself invulnerable.

Herbie Mossman was, after all, the president of a major corporation while Lloyd-Ransom, whatever his delusions, was only the commander of a bunker.

If, then, there is, really, something in a mirror, we may suppose objects of sense to be in Matter in precisely that way: if in the mirror there is nothing, if there is only a seeming of something, then we may judge that in Matter there is the same delusion and that the seeming is to be traced to the Substantial-Existence of the Real-Beings, that Substantial-Existence in which the Authentic has the real participation while only an unreal participation can belong to the unauthentic since their condition must differ from that which they would know if the parts were reversed, if the Authentic Existents were not and they were.