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Answer for the clue "Expand steadily ", 7 letters:

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Word definitions for develop in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To change with a specific direction, progress. 2 (context ambitransitive English) To progress through a sequence of stages. 3 (context transitive English) To advance; to further; to promote the growth of. 4 (context ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
v. make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation; "Her company developed a new kind of building material that withstands all kinds of weather"; "They developed a new technique" work out; "We have developed a new theory of evolution" ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Develop or DEVELOP may refer to: DEVELOP , a NASA Applied Sciences student program Develop (magazine) , a trade publication for the video game industry Develop (Apple magazine) , a technical magazine formerly published by Apple Computer Develop (chess) ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Develop \De*vel"op\, v. i. To go through a process of natural evolution or growth, by successive changes from a less perfect to a more perfect or more highly organized state; to advance from a simpler form of existence to one more complex either in structure ...

Usage examples of develop.

And very ably commanded, as it turned out, by the inexperienced Bibulus, who learned ruthlessly and developed a talent for his job.

If this region is largely developed, the constitution is languid, inefficient, sensitive, and abnormally disposed.

The results are abnormally developed brains, delicate forms, sensitive nerves and shortened lives.

Children who at the babbling stage are not exposed to the sounds of actual speech may not develop the ability to speak later, or do so to an abnormally limited extent.

The concept of nation in Europe developed on the terrain of the patrimonial and absolutist state.

His real mission, of course, is to convince some other band, somewhere else, that he is a genius acoustician who has developed the ultimate amplifier and that Doggone amps are the only amps that any hip band can possibly consider.

He had developed actinium compounds that could kill - as demonstrated in the cases of Rune and Farradon.

It is best detected in acid solutions by the deep brown or iodine colour developed on adding hydroxyl.

When therefore a new tip is reformed on an oblique stump, it probably is developed sooner on one side than on the other: and this in some manner excites the adjoining part to bend to one side.

It is very seldom in the history of political issues, even when partisan feeling is most deeply developed, that so absolute a division is found as was recorded upon the question of adopting the Fourteenth Amendment.

Islamic Orientalism between the wars shared in the general sense of cultural crisis adumbrated by Auerbach and the others I have spoken of briefly, without at the same time developing in the same way as the other human sciences.

While a brilliant career of material improvement and commercial advancement was developed by our Indian empire, the event burst forth which deluged the Bengal provinces, and Central India, with blood, and appalled the world.

Id like to reiterate my earlier claim about radio being the most visual medium available to advertisers and to 212 Nuts and Bolts recall the discussion of visual storyboards--a staple in the creation of television conimerciaLs--as a means of developing a radio campaign.

There are lots of talented students who will help you develop your artwork, logos and advertising materials.

He had been released temporarily from duty in the aerology lab but McDevitt, who was a tactful and sympathetic person and had been aware of the friendship developing between the boy and Beetchermarlf.