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Answer for the clue "Bombed, as a stand-up comic ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word died

Usage examples of died.

I shall never know, and which though I have died thrice and shall die again to-night, as you know death, I am as unable to fathom as are you.

That there was nothing supernatural about our new foes was well evidenced by their howls of rage and pain as they felt the sharp steel at their vitals, and the very real blood which flowed from their severed arteries as they died the real death.

And so he died, his thin lips curled in the snarl of his hateful laugh, and a bullet from the revolver of his dead companion bursting in his heart.

Tree of Life is dead, but before it died the plant men learned to detach themselves from it and roam the face of Barsoom with the other children of the First Parent.

Even though we died in the attempt, would not our memories be fairer than as though we remained in servile fear to be butchered by a cruel and unjust tyrant--call her goddess or mortal, as you will.

I should have died even then but for that as my sword was tight wedged in the breastbone of a Dator of the First Born.

We cast away before the sound of the first gun had died, and another second saw us rising swiftly from the surface of the sea.

I knew that if I died Dejah Thoris, too, would find a way to die before they could heap further tortures or indignities upon her.

I could not believe the heresies which I heard, and I prayed that my daughter Thuvia might have died before she ever committed the sacrilege of returning to the outer world.

I idly played with it, my mind roaming far back into the past, that I might live again for a few brief moments before I died some of the many happy moments of a long and happy life, I became aware of strange protuberances upon the smooth surface of the parchment-like substance in my hands.

Fought as I should have fought had I been in their stead, with the determination to take as many of my enemies with me when I died as lay within the power of my sword arm.

Motion rather died away from her, and the priestess grounded as smoothly as a ship grounds in fine weather on a sandy bank.

I felt her hand tighten on mine with a startled grasp as the words died away upon her lips.

Gradually, however, the sound of this unholy feast died away, and, though you may hardly believe it, I fell off into a doze.

He was as fresh as if he had died but yesterday, yet by his clothing and something in his appearance, which was not that of the Martian of to-day, I knew he might be many thousand years old.