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Answer for the clue "Pheasant brood ", 3 letters:

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Nid or NID may refer to:

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init. (context linguistics English) noun inanimate dependent n. (context UK slang English) pound sterling, quid

Usage examples of nid.

Leary and Nid at once flanked Elenn, one on each side, Leary offering her shy compliments.

Emer and Conal followed close behind, and Leary, Nid, and Elenn a little behind them.

Elenn saw Nid shiver, and she would have shivered herself if she were younger.

Finca, she and Nid let the horses go and a moment later they were driving down the track that circled Ardmachan.

The nearest held Nid, driving Leary, and the other was little Emer of Connat, driving Conal.

There was nothing behind him but Leary and Nid, muddy and dripping, both their spears running with water.

He edged around the buildings and saw Nid and Leary off at the far end of the rough paddock turning circles in a chariot.

Soon they were singing charms Conal did not know over Leary and Nid and there was nothing he could do.

She kept glancing behind her, and noticed that Nid was also looking back at the horses.

She slacked off as he had asked, though, unquestioning, and Nid and Leary surged forward, far ahead of the others as Emer and Laig drew their chariots to a halt.

Ras el Fada might be the ruler of Nid and at least ten surrounding territories.

He carried the mute creature to another section of the lab, dropped it into a nid of landcrabs, stayed a moment to watch it being torn apart then went gloomily back to his games on his worldboard.

This island, at the mouth of the river Nid, was kept in those days for the slaying of thieves and evil men, and a gallows stood there upon which the head of Earl Hakon was now hung, side by side with that of his thrall.

He built a town on the bank of the river Nid, and a great hall for himself up above Ship Creek.

On the banks of the river Nid, at the place where he had built the town of Nidaros, a great forest of pine trees had been cleared, and there was timber in plenty ready at hand.